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Who is Spiderman 4 enemies?

Who is Spiderman's enemies in the next sequel to Spiderman? Now the question can not be answered, as far as production is not likely to know that they are still at a draft of the summary.

1. Lizzard (aka Dr. Curt Connors who appeared in Spiderman 3) Good chance to my viewpoint too !
2. Electro
3. Hydroman
4. Mysterio Unprobable, but I like the idea of a Mysterio
5. Carnage Highly probable! Remember: Dr. Curt Connors still has a sample of Venom…
6. Chameleon
7. Shocker
8. Vulture
9. HogGoblin
10. Rhino

Hard to guess Spiderman next supervillain!Well let’s be honnest: for now, quite difficult to really guess who will be the next super-villain in Spiderman 4

Some websites are claiming to have the inside word on what villains will be included in Spider-Man 3. FreezeDriedMovies claims that The Lizard, Carnage, and Black Cat will be featured in the upcoming fourth film. Call me a little skeptical, but I think this is bogus. From what I’ve heard, no development has even begun on the fourth film (even though the studio was in talks with David Koepp to write the script).


But then the question: What could the Villains in Spider-Man 4? Unfortunately, most of the big names in the Spider-Man's rogue gallery have already been used (and were killed, for that matter). Let's take a look at the current contenders.LizardLizardDr. Curt Connors was briefly in the movie Spider-Man and appeared in the sequels, in which he played by actor Dylan Baker. That makes him the perfect choice for the coming consequences. The lizard is one of the most interesting of unused Spidey villains because in his human state he is a friend and ally of Peter Parker, as Harry Osbourne was. Connors developed an experimental serum DNA of reptiles, which he himself and was subsequently into a reptile humanoid monster. Peter Parker worked as an assistant to Dr. Connors at Empire State University, although Connors had no idea it was that Peter Spider-Man.

Rate: 95%


An electrician named Maxwell Dillon was repairing a power line, when a freak lightning accident resulted in a mutagenic change in his nervous system, transforming Dillon into a living electrical capacitor which could generate massive quantities of electricity, theoretically up to approximately one million volts. When his body is charged to such levels, he becomes superhumanly strong and fast. Taking the name Electro, he turned to a life of crime. Electro broke into the Daily Bugle Building and stole from J. Jonah Jameson’s safe right in front of him. Jameson accused Spider-Man of being an alternate identity of Electro. This prompted Spider-Man to prove the publisher wrong. Spider-Man was nearly killed when he touched the electrically charged supervillain. In one story-line, Electro tried to take over New York City’s power supply in an attempt at glory and respect.

Odds: 73%


Morris Bench worked on a cargo ship up to knock on board, while a powerful experimental generator has been tested in the ocean. He was a creature of pigmented water, able to meet its own body fluid. Hydro-Man is a frequent antagonist of Spider-Man, since his first appearance in 1981. And not a big name to show he could be used to make some incredible FX filled action sequences. He is also an occasional ally / enemy of the Sandman (for obvious reasons). So, if this character was used, Thomas Haden Church could reprise his role to help Spidey defeat Hydro-Man.

Rate: 68%


A disgraced stunt man and special effects artist named Quentin Beck who donned an extravagant and theatrical costume with a crystal ball like helmet (Amazing Spider-Man #13) and sought to discredit and frame Spider-Man using illusions. He also was able to fog the hero’s Spider-Sense with a special gas and used a a chemical abrasive to dissolve his webbing.

Odds: 64%


A symbiotic combination of Venom and the serial killer and former cell mate of Eddie Brock, Cletus Kasady. Carnage Empire State University penetrates and kills a classmate of Peter comrade, Chip. In the Ultimate universe, Dr. Curt Conner (aka Lizard) Carnage created using DNA from himself and Spider-Man. And we must not forget that Dr. Connor, a sample of the Venom symbiotic. So it is possible that Carnage could be a story, including the lizard.


The first supervillain Spider-Man ever faced in print (Amazing Spider-Man #1), Dmitri Smerdyakov was a Russian spy and master of disguise. He uses a variety of traditional, high-tech and biologically enhanced ways to change his appearance, believably imitating almost anyone. He also sought to avenge his brother Kraven the Hunter’s death, to become the most powerful crime boss in New York City.

Odds: 61%


Herman Schultz developed a pair of gauntlets capable of throwing incredibly powerful vibrational air blasts. His gold and brown quilted costume to protect himself from the vibrations. Schultz, the gauntlets from the prison to flee and was mighty supervillain known as "The Shocker. He actually defeated Spider-Man in the first confrontation, because Spidey had a broken arm from his previous battle with the Lizard. The character can perfectly as B villain in a movie with the Lizard. Spider-Man has not really suffered a defeat on the screen, and this could be interesting.

Rate: 42%


Also one of Spider-Man’s first villains (The Amazing Spider-Man #2) Adrian Toomes is a former electronics engineer who employs a special harness, a pair of wings worn on his arms, that allows him to fly. The harness also endows him with enhanced strength and somehow increases his lifespan. Other Vultures have included a prison cellmate of Toomes, “Blackie” Drago, and a vengeful university professor who was an expert on bio-mutation named Clifton Shallot. This character could not be the main villain in a future film, possibly a side villain. And I’m pretty sure that an old guy with wings would look ridiculous on the big screen.


A millionaire fashion designer and criminal named Roderick Kingsley, the Green Goblin's weapons and used them to further his own ambitions. We have already made three films by goblins, I think this sign is turned off until the distant future.

Rate: 26%


A poor immigrant from Russia named Aleksei Sytsevich participated in a Soviet super soldier program that bonded a super-strong polymer to his skin and gave him enhanced strength, speed, and stamina. He’s a dim-witted criminal and usually robs banks and works as an enforcer for more ambitious criminals. This charact has almost no chance of making it to the big screen. If you thought The Thing from The Fantastic Four movies looked stupid, imagine what a guy in a gray Rhino suit would look like.

Odds: 9%

Stan Lee Talks Spider Man 4th

The villain in Spiderman 4 has not yet been announced. But we all try to guess who it will be. I have bets on the Lizard as the most likely villain in the next Spiderman movie.

Some days I have during the search for Spiderman 4 on the web I just found a video interview of Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man.
The interview comes from a year ago. But I think it still sounds right, and it would be the Lizard hypothesis:

Stan Lee Talks Spider-Man 4th
So Stan Lee claims that:

"A nice logical next villain would be
Lizard, because I believe that the characters were in each of the 3 previous films. "
I do not think that any producer or scriptwriter Stan Lee would be against.

Given the fact that almost a
Lizard is in
Spiderman 4th Maybe
Lizard, together with some other bad guys in the fight against his superhero Spiderman.
Sam Raimi --

Sam Raimi --

"We are certainly talking about the work of the material in the comic books, and nothing [invented] outside the" Raimi continued. "All signs or villain or villains, what we decide to do, is Stan Lee's creations, or those who came after him."
Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi and remains of the original material. And I bet he is Stan Lee: The old man is still the old man in the house! Surely we are the lizard from now!

Spiderman 4 Hires Zodiac Screenwriter

James Vanderbilt has been published by Sony Pictures to pen the screenplay of Spiderman 4th
It is said that Sony has Vanderbilt for his character in relation to the story rather than a focus on special effects.

Vanderbilt the last film, Zodiac, also shows these capabilities. He is also currently on Woking Wolverine, and without doubt we can be sure that there is a lot more experience with the comic book super-hero world.

It sounds like the plot of Spiderman 4 is more stressful, their actions than the previous third part of the Spiderman movie series.

Spiderman 4 Coming in 2010?

Spiderman 4 - coming in 2010

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi will be back a few cameras to his home state of Michigan for "Spider-Man 4" for next year.

"I'll be looking at Michigan for our second unit photography on the new" Spider-Man "movie," Raimi told The Oakland Press. Born in Royal Oak, Michigan, Raimi has also plans to host his new thriller "Room 205" in Michigan during 2009. However, the second unit photography is probably not along one of the upcoming Spidey Cast members such as the secret "Spider-Man 4" baddie.

Raimi produced "Room 205" is a remake of the Danish horror film, derived from his company Ghost House Pictures. He has a stacked schedule, which he before recording starts with "Spider-Man 4th"

However, Spidey fans everywhere have their ears open in 2009, even more details. Raimi remained mother so far, brushes Besides speculation that Dylan Baker Curt Connors character transition in May for the lizard and the Hirsch Center

Things are definitely on foot with Peter Parker. First, that we are the exclusive news that Spider-Man 4 a.m. to 5 p.m. you can shoot at the same time. Now Marvel's Vice President Peter Cuneo has confirmed that Sony has paid Marvel to renewn their rights.

According to Cuneo, "As far as Spider-Man 4, it is really up to Sony and it up to them, likely scenario is 2010 or 2011, but we can not speak for them, and I think that we do not know. You have given us their Re-Up Payment for this film, so you know that it goes to it within a reasonable period of time. Sony may be some problems with the actors and so forth, I think they have to make some decisions. "

who gave us this message (and have a lot more, even with the Spidey musical), argues that the tone of voice Cuneo suggests that it depends on casting, and there is still no word on whether or Sam Raimi once again top. Disappointment was the order of the day with Spider-Man 3, but I think it is safe to say most people want the old team. (Well, except Kirsten Dunst - as it seems, everyone wants to be recast, and despite their complaints, I bet they would come back.) Certainly, Sony re-staking which means it will not be any Marvel crossovers with this hero any time soon.

It would not surprise me if there is a final decision on the Spider-Man 4 by Summer's End. I'm Envisioning a flood of superhero movies in 2010 - we are all a bit deja vu, recalled that crazy summer, when Iron Man, The IncredibleHulk, The Dark Knight and follow each other in quick succession. Have you for a return of Spider-Man? I'm not the biggest fan of the franchise, but it seems like they are really stellar back. Now might be a good time to the stories you want to see how I always do when SieJungs because it actually true.

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Spider Man 4 Release May 06, 2011

Spider Man 4 Posters

Spider Man 4 Posters

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Release Date: May 06, 2011
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Writers: Steve Ditko (characters),Stan Lee (characters)

Cast and Crew

Director: Sam Raimi

Producer: Avi Arad, Grant Curtis, Laura Ziskin

Screenwriter: David Lindsay-Abaire, James Vanderbilt


*Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker/Spider-Man
* Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson

Plot: unknown as of yet.